The Village Federation initially came into being on the 1st September 2015 but had been built on strong foundations following a leadership collaboration between Carsington & Hopton C of E Primary School and Kirk Ireton C of E Primary School since November 2012. In September 2018, a new collaboration was formed with The FitzHerbert C of E Primary School and as of September 2019 all three schools form the federation.

As each school joined the federation, they were interested in a new model of leadership that was better suited to the current landscape of education and that best prepared the schools for the future, both financially and within a stable staffing structure. In 2012, the governing bodies involved agreed that Kirk Ireton's headteacher would take on the role at both schools for a fixed period so that everyone would have a chance to review the success of the project before moving into a formal federation.

Following the many successes of the project and the outcome of Carsington & Hopton's 2014 Ofsted Inspection, it was agreed that the time was right to federate the two schools. The governing bodies met and agreed a proposal document, with the support of the Local Authority and the Diocesan Board of Education, which was published to all stakeholders. This process was repeated in 2019 in order to bring FitzHerbert into the federation and this also was agreed via a new proposal document.

There were no concerns raised whatsoever in the consultation periods, which was a clear indication of how well each project had enhanced the schools involved up to that point, and so the final preparations were made to bring The Village Federation into being and then to extend it to a third school.