Family Support


  • Phone Calls from School: Now that things are starting to settle into a routine, the teaching staff are starting to make phone calls to some families, especially where we have not heard anything from you through the blogs or sending us photos etc. Please note that for safeguarding reasons, the staff will be blocking their numbers when they call, so if you receive a call from a blocked number during normal school time, please consider picking up as it may be a school call. Unfortunately, at the moment, these calls are just to check in with parents – we are not able to chat to the children. We are working hard to find safe ways of communicating directly with the children, but we’re not quite there yet. Remember that your child can leave comments on the blog and teachers will respond to those;
  • Special Needs Support: This "Parent Information Leaflet" is from the Autism Outreach Team about supporting children with autism whilst at home. This may be of interest to any parent as the strategies are useful for most children. You might also want to use "A Story About Staying At Home" or "Coronavirus Social Story".
  • Local Foodbanks: The Elim Church runs a foodbank that no longer requires a referral – they have a new number to contact: 01335 661237. The Jigsaw foodbank is supporting the villages within the Wirksworth Team Ministry (including Carsington, Hopton and Kirk Ireton) – to access this, please let me know and I can pass your details on to the foodbank;
  • Community Groups: Click to link to a “Coronavirus Leaflet” which is for support in and around Fenny Bentley. FRANKI: the “Friends And Neighbours in Kirk Ireton” are available to step up if others can’t help or you don't know who to ask. Call FRANKI on 0744 3957658 both for support or if you are prepared to be a volunteer. The county council have also now set up a community response unit to coordinate efforts across the county: the link to the page is They are urging community groups to register with them;
  • Signposting: This “Signposting Sheet” collates a variety of support services and their details including Citizens’ Advice, foodbanks and other useful contacts;
  • Emergency Supplies: The Cheddar Gorge in Ashbourne is now doing an essential food box delivered for £25 and are also offering home deliveries of other items to a wide area. This is something that the school could support using the Hardship Fund (see Financial Support page), if needed.
  • Domestic Violence:  Unfortunately, it has been reported in other countries that there has been an increase in domestic abuse whilst more people are confined to their homes. The following document provides some key numbers and websites for support: