Welcome to The Village Federation.

**All of our schools are currently closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak**

We are offering emergency childcare through a local hub - for enquiries regarding this or any other matters to do with pupils or learning, please contact headteacher@thevillagefederation.co.uk.

For all administrative enquiries, please use the following emails: 

Carsington & Hopton: carsington@thevillagefederation.co.uk

FitzHerbert: fitzherbert@thevillagefederation.co.uk

Kirk Ireton: kirkireton@thevillagefederation.co.uk 

For other support information, please visit our Support Pages

On this website you will find all the details of our Governing Body,

all the Federation Policies and our Contact Details.

To find out more about our schools, please click on the images to visit their websites:



   www.carsingtonhoptonprimary.co.uk   www.fitzherbert.derbyshire.sch.uk     www.kirkiretonprimary.co.uk

Carsington and Kirk Ireton Schools are part of COGS (Cluster of Gell Schools). Please Click Here to learn more about this partnership.

The Village Federation is affiliated to the Ashbourne Dove Valley Teaching School Alliance. Please Click Here to find out more.


If you have concerns about the safety or well-being of ANY child, you can contact either school or visit the Derbyshire Safeguarding Website for more information about what to do.