Music Appreciation Assemblies


This half-term (June-July 2020), Mr Johnston's assemblies are devoted to music appreciation. We listen to a wide variety of music and try to identify the instruments, the style and the mood of the music. We also close our eyes and talk about what pictures the music conjures up in our heads.

Below is the list of the pieces of music we have listened to each week. You may be able to listen to some of these tracks free (and legally) using Spotify or Youtube and should be able to download them from the usual outlets such as iTunes and Amazon*:

*Please note that The Village Federation is unable to take any responsibility for the content of any websites mentioned. Please ensure you work with your child if they are keen to listen to the music again at home*

June-July 2020
Week 6

Artist: Coldplay

Track: When I Need A Friend

Week 5

Artist: David Bowie

Track: Heroes

Week 4

Artist: The Divine Comedy

Track: Lucy

Week 3

Artist: Aurora Orchestra

Track: Richter: Journey (CP1919)

Week 2

Artist: Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble

Track: Pulcherrima Rosa

Week 1

Artist: Salif Keita ft. Cesaria Evora

Track: Yamore

April-May 2020

Week 5

Artist: Queen

Track: Don't Stop Me Now

Week 4

Artist: R.E.M.

Track: Shiny Happy People

Week 3

See the video at

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Artist: Beethoven

Track: Symphony No. 9 "Ode to Joy"

Week 2

Artist: Leon Redbone

Track: So Relax

Week 1

Artist: Elmer Bernstein

Track: The Great Escape - Theme

January-February 2020

Week 1

Artist: Dave Brubeck Quartet

Track: Take Five


Week 2

Artist: Enya

Track: Caribbean Blue

Album: Shepherd Moons

Week 3

Artist: Danny Elfman

Track: Batman Theme

Album: Batman: Original Motion Picture Score

Week 4

Artist: Alan Silvestri

Track: I'm Forrest...Forrest Gump

Album: Forrest Gump Soundtrack

Week 5

Artist: Kris Drever

Track: Green Grows the Laurel

Album: Black Water

Week 6

Artist: Beethoven

Track: Symphony No. 5 1: Allegro Con Brio

September-October 2019
Week 1

Artist: Brian Eno

Track: An Ending (Ascent)

Album: Apollo - Soundtracks and Atmospheres

Week 2 Vision and Ethos Discussion
Week 3

Artist: Sigur Ros

Track: Gobbledigook

Album: Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust 

Week 4

Artist: Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Track: Telephone and Rubber Band

Album: When in Rome...

Week 5

Artist: Emmanuel Jal & Nyaruach

Track: More Power

Album: Naath

Week 6

Artist: Martin Lauridsen

Track: O Magnum Mysterium

Album: O Magnum Mysterium

Week 7

Artist: Ulrich Schnauss

Track: Knuddelmaus

Album: Far Away Trains Passing By